Don't Touch My Bowl

Don't Touch My Bowl


  • 2 oz Wheatley Vodka
  • 1 oz Tomato Campari
  • 1 oz Roots Rokamelo liqueur
  • 2 bar spoon artichoke oil
  • 2 artichokes, muddled


  • Chill glass in a fridge or freezer.
  • Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass with 2 artichokes muddled.
  • Add the ice cubes and stir.
  • Remove glass from fridge or freezer. Double strain everything into your glass (in our case, a flower vase bowl).
  • Garnish with melted dark chocolate. The contrast between the cold glassware and the warm chocolate will make the chocolate harden quickly. Add some sprinkles, edibles flowers, or any other garnish you want to the chocolate before then.

Created By

Jeremy Le Blanche
Jeremy Le Blanche, Queens Yard NYC

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