200 Years of Distilling Experience

When you set out to craft a vodka from scratch, 200 years of distilling experience comes in handy. Harlen Wheatley is the Master Distiller at Buffalo Trace Distillery, America’s oldest continually-operated distillery—and the world’s most decorated. It all comes down to a vodka that’s deliberately crafted using centuries of spirit-making knowledge.

Harlen Wheatley standing at a bar smiling, surrounded by Buffalo Trace products, including Wheatley Vodka.

“We’re in the spirits business. We have the people, we have the equipment and we have the history of distilling. We’ve put everything we know about distilling bourbon into this vodka.”

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Craft Distilled in Small Batches

Wheatley Vodka is made at Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky by Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley. Crafted in small-batches using a one of a kind micro-still, Harlen’s unique wheat recipe is distilled a total of 10 times, triple-filtered and bottled at 82 proof, creating a delicate and balanced profile. This is a vodka that is made to be tasted for what it is, while being able to stand up in a cocktail. Pure and crisp on the nose, with a clean taste and hints of soft vanilla, Wheatley Vodka delivers the kind of exceptional quality and taste you would expect from the world’s most award-winning distillery.

Harlen Wheatley standing in front of his custom-built, one of a kind copper micro-still.

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Straight from the Source

When a Master Distiller puts his name on a vodka, it means something. Harlen knows what it takes to craft an award-winning spirit and that’s just what he’s done with Wheatley Vodka. Here’s a little insight into how and why he did it.

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Why limestone water?

“The water in this area is filtered through limestone. It really does two things: it filters out things like iron and adds things like magnesium and calcium. Those two things combined are perfect for distilling. A good, clean, fresh water is just as important as the vodka itself.”

Why wheat?

“One of the things that we learned through distilling wheated bourbons is we know what that adds to the flavor of the distillate. It’s a good ingredient to give it that soft, delicate finish that we like in a vodka. We use the same red winter wheat grain that we use for all the Weller and Pappy Van Winkle bourbons.”

Why 10 times distilled?

“Each time you distill it, you’re mellowing out that vodka. What really sets us apart is the fact that we’re marrying a seven-times distilled wheat recipe with another seven-times distilled grain recipe and then distilling it three more times. So for us, we felt like 10 times distilled was just right for the craft style vodka we’re going for.”

Why 82 proof?

“We know when bartenders are making cocktails, they want that spirit to show through. It’s easier to do with an 82 proof and it allows you to showcase that flavor a little more.” 


2017 Gold Medal

2017 Gold Medal

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

IWSC Gold 2017

2017 Gold Medal

International Wine & Spirits Competition

91 point USC

91 PointS

Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Proof on Main Bartender Greg Galganski standing behind his bar preparing a cocktail with Wheatley Vodka.

Proof on Main - Greg Galganski

"Wheatley provides a really nice base. It’s got nice delicate vanilla notes on it. It actually has some flavor, where in most vodka all you can taste is the alcohol.”

Matthew Wesolik, a bartender at Clever Rabbit, standing behind his bar looking into the camera with a focused expression.

Clever Rabbit - Matthew Wesolik

“It’s not intimidating, it’s not overpowering, it’s just well rounded. I think with the wheat in the vodka it just softens it, but doesn’t lose the quality or strength of the liquor. I’ve had it in every vodka cocktail since we’ve opened.”

Bartender Jason Curtsinger from Belles Cocktail House pouring bitters into a mixing glass to make a cocktail featuring Wheatley Vodka.

Belles Cocktail House - Jason Curtsinger

“I choose to use Wheatley Vodka in my cocktails because it is the best made vodka on the market today in its price category. As most people know, Buffalo Trace produces the finest bourbons on the planet. They use the same quality ingredients to make this vodka, which is distilled a ridiculous ten times.”



A bottle of Wheatley Vodka in front of a vodka cocktail and a lemon.

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