Host the Smoothest Super Bowl Party With This Little Trick

By Josh Suchan, Ice and Alchemy

This year I’m lining up with Wheatley Vodka to bring you the smoothest way to host a Super Bowl. This method works for both bars and home parties and hinges on one little trick, but we will get to that in a second. First, I want to discuss why I’m on team Wheatley for this one.

It’s no secret that I have a lot of love for Wheatley Vodka (see my #OnMyBar post from January 2019). Wheatley Vodka is produced by Buffalo Trace Distillery which has been in consistent operation since 1787, under a few different names, producing fantastic bourbons from the very beginning. In 2014, when Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley decided to make a vodka, he used 200+ years of the distillery’s knowledge and know-how to develop his recipe, including a heavy dosage of wheat in his mash bill. The bold yet smooth, wheat-forward result is phenomenal. If you love Buffalo Trace Distillery’s Pappy Van Winkle and Weller bourbons, both of which are wheated bourbons, then this is the vodka you should have on your shelf.

Cocktail time. Below is my recipe I created for this year’s Super Bowl. But before I arrived at the recipe, I first needed to determine what I wanted to accomplish with creating a Super Bowl cocktail. Here were my main objectives:

  • Low-proof. I want people to make it through the whole game and even remember it. This isn’t the time for 2oz pours.

  • Include beer (as an option). Is there anything more American than cracking open a beer while watching football? It would be a shame for cocktail drinkers to miss out on the de-capping ritual.

  • Bottled and capped. I want drinks to be accessible, spill-proof (aka no pitchers or punch bowls), and not require glassware. Which leads me to my next point…

  • Low-workload during the game. I want to be able to mingle and watch the game as much as possible, too, even if I’m working behind the bar.


Now that we have the guiding principles behind the cocktail, let’s jump right into the recipe:

The Wheatley Shandy

  • .75 oz Wheatley Vodka

  • .75 oz lemon juice

  • .5 oz honey-ginger syrup*

  • .75 oz grapefruit juice

  • .75 oz IPA (or soda water)

  • .75 oz water

The above recipe creates one bottled cocktail, so multiply as needed. Batch the multiplied ingredients in a large measuring cup or pitcher and pour into the individual bottles. Cap the bottles using crown bottle caps and a capper. Store in the refrigerator Saturday night to be ready to go by Sunday. These will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 3 days, and make great low-ABV options for anything from brunch to after-dinner.


Super bowl Home Party Planners: Food for Thought…

If you’re throwing a Super Bowl party at your house this year, take cooking off your plate by ordering take-out. It’s 2019 and there are countless delivery services going to and from restaurants specializing in any style of food you can imagine. I personally lean towards a healthier alternative during these sorts of events. I find that substitutions like fried cauliflower “wings”, cashew cheese nachos, and other plant-based, healthier alternatives balances the fact that I will be a gluttonous couch potato for the next 4 hours of my life.

Wheatley Vodka Snapshot

  • Produced at Buffalo Trace Distillery by the Master Distiller, Harlen Wheatley

  • 82 proof (41% ABV)

  • 10x distilled

  • 3x filtered

  • Uses Kentucky limestone-filtered water

  • Winner of multiple spirits competition awards

Honey Ginger Syrup

The most efficient-friendly way to make this is quite simple. To very hot water, add an equal amount of honey. Throw that mixture into a blender with some washed ginger root. The exact amount of ginger will vary depending on how much honey syrup you’ve made. Blend and taste periodically until your desired ginger “heat” is present. Strain the mixture, store in the refrigerator. Make sure it’s chilled before use. Shelf life is 7 days under refrigeration.

— ice&alchemy —

More Vodka Recipes

Get more Wheatley Vodka Recipes by downloading our Wheatley Vodka Cocktail Recipe Book.

NOTE: Combining ingredients like the above can create additional fermentation in the bottle. It’s important to not bottle these cocktails more than a day before your party, and to un-cap any leftovers promptly afterwards. The recommendation from Ice & Alchemy is the bottles will stay fresh for three days. Don't let these bottles hang out in your fridge.